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"A Great idea masterfully realized...with stunning artwork."

ImagineFX Magazine

2013 Chesley Award Nomination-Best Interior Illustration
Association of Fantasy and Science Fiction Artists

Dragons have fueled the imaginations of artists since the beginning of time. In all cultures of the world these magical beasts have been depicted in paintings, frescoes, tapestries, architecture, stained glass, and every known medium. Today, dragons are as popular as ever making there way into movies, books and video games.

Now, with Dracopedia,the Amazon Bestseller and Chesley Award nominated trilogy, the dragons and creatures of the world have been cataloged, studied and classified in this three book series by William O'Connor. With hundreds of drawings, diagrams and reference material, the author creates dozens of full color paintings of the various forms of dragons and monsters. Using the book as a guide, the readers are encouraged to make dragons of their own and collaborate on adding to the Dracopedia themselves.

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