"The Sovereign Seas"
20"x48" Oil on Masonite
© 1998 William O'Connor/Alderac Entertainment Group

Original painting: $5000.00
12"x24" litho print $25.00

"This painting was by far the greatest challenge of my career to date. When the illustration was proposed I assured the client that I had extensive experience drawing ships, and that this project was right up my alley. I had, of course, never painted a boat in my life. For the first few weeks of the assignment, I spent countless hours in the library getting reference on sailing ships and galleons, teaching myself about rigging and sails."
"The painting became the largest canvas I had ever attempted, and by half way through it became so muddled that I almost started over. It was then that I went to the great master NC Wyeth. This illustration from "Kidnapped" inspired my work, and I changed the whole foreground in order to seperate it from the background, treating the water like a landscape."
"The ship in the right foreground has a small plaque on the back which reads "Andrea", my wife's name.

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